RPGs for beginners

If you don’t know what RPG stands for then you my friend are in the right place, a RPG is a role playing game. The definition of a RPG would be as followed, this is a very popular game genre and the user controls one or more fictional characters and follow there story lines or quests in a world that is also fictional. In this post I am going to list a few classic games which you can buy so you get get the taste for RPGs, I am going to start of with basic games and work our way up into more complex ones.

Pokémon Red/Blue versions

These games really are the classics, I remember playing these when I was younger and they really are simple to grasp, so if you are new to RPG’s and have a lot of free time on your hands then I would highly recommend you play all the Pokémon games are they are just brilliant. These games would have been the most popular and this is down to the simplistic graphic, the rock, paper, scissors combat system, having to know all the different types and the layout of the world all these features made this game suitable for all ages. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We are going to kick it up a level with a way more modern RPG is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this game gets another mention as it is the ultimate game for someone who now has a taste for the RPG genre. The normal RPG games normally makes you follow a predetermined path for your character and the same can be said for Skyrim but the difference is that Skyrim has many more paths to follow, for example you can follow the path of the Dragonborn, pick a side for yourself in the civil war and let’s not forget the endless side quests. The controls you use to make your character do actions are really straight forward and should not give anyone trouble and the actual  gameplay is not complex its just easy going and straight up fun.

Dark Souls ΙΙ

Now we are looking at the more complex RPGs even if you have mastered the previous 2 games then you’re still going to struggling playing this game, you sort of have to play the full series of the souls game to understand it. I started with Dark Souls ΙΙ and on the game load there was no intro, they dumped you in a random place and with no indication on how to control the character and you were not given an objective or quest.  I done some research online as I didn’t know how to progress in the game so I found loads of video tutorials which did help me progress, but I also read that you must start with the first game as you learn everything from it and then the second game is a direct follow on from it and it’s the same with the next in the series.

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