My all time favourites

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game truly is a masterpiece and its my favourite game of all time, this is down to the intense detail in everything from each little village you come across, abandoned caves or houses till the city’s for the main story. Bethesda studios are masters of the open world design and Skyrim and its mountainous terrain is the proof in the pudding as not one inch of the Skyrim maps feels lazy which Bethesda studios should feel proud. Another great but simplistic feature is the choice you have, if you want to explore the map you can your not tied to a quest, if you want to complete the main story as fast as you can you, if you want to get involved in the civil war you can and if you want to go round killing people you can.


Ahhhh minecraft it really is the simplistic games that stick with you, you could switch this game on and start a new world and build, create and general frontiersmanship upon hours and hours would pass and you would still be glued to the screen, in way this game was addictively entertaining for something so simple. Pairing up with friends online or people with the same objective as you, which was to create something beautiful and when this was done you felt real world satisfaction.  


This game had it all, the only phrase I could use to describe this game is weird and wonderful as right from the start you are intrigued as the storyline plays first you see is your plane coming down and next thing you know your hundreds of metres below the sea in an unstable underwater city called Rapture. Your attention is immediately grabbed with the graphics of the surroundings dark, bloody, chaotic and never mind the weird noises especially in the intro and throughout the game. The storyline is complex, along with the characters in it from yourself till the big daddies and the little sisters and Valve have kept there reputation up with the twisted art to the game which to be honest made it more enjoyable.

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